McMenamins Old Church & Pub offers a family-friendly pub; a historic renovated church; a McMenamins brewery (set in the former church’s basement daycare!); and an outdoor amphitheater for live music, events, receptions and more. This spot was a hub of activity, back in 1911 when the church was built on an ancient route just north of the site where Boone’s ferry made regular crossings of the Willamette River for more than 100 years. The church stood at the north end of the original village, a few blocks from the ferry crossing. Boone’s Ferry Road ran through town center to the ferry, following the same route as an ancient Native American trail leading up the Willamette Valley. Today, the interior of the pub is filled with unusual artwork and colorful murals. The architecture harkens back to the original ferry dock, what with its huge wooden pillars and cross beams overhead. They hope to reimbue the spot with life and laughter, good conversation and meals, live music, movie screenings, parties, events and more. Located conveniently just off I-5 at exit 283, the Old Church & Pub is ideal as a stopoff for lunch while on a roadtrip, as the gateway into Oregon horse country and after a long day of shopping at the local outlet malls. They have plenty of outdoor seating, too, for those days when the sun pays a visit.