written by the staff at 1859 Magazine

In November 2016, we reintroduced the Oregon Postcard contest and the response from the community was astounding. Since then, we have received more than 100 photographs from every corner of the state.

We’ve been sent many compelling photos, but only a handful will be selected as winners.* To showcase more of our great photographers, we gathered fourteen of our favorite submissions here. As a part of Oregon’s 158th birthday celebration, enjoy images our state’s vast and various landscapes, provided by your very own Oregon neighbors.

*Note: The photos selected below were not chosen as the winning photographs for the Oregon Postcard contest. For more information about how and when winners are selected, head to the Oregon Postcard submission page.

photo by Clifford Paguio

photo by Masamichi Kishiku

photo by Alice Crowley

photo by Joan Martelli

Photo by Daniel McWilliams

photo by Santiago Benson

photo by Rick Gaskell

photo by Danielle Ridgeway

photo by Lauren Maier

photo by Stephanie Brown

photo by Fred Rogers

photo by Sheri Clapp

photo by Karen Springer

photo by Nick Freeman