The 1859 Wine Club features unique, high quality, affordable wines from all across Oregon. With wine selections curated by Cellar 503, you’ll discover new winemakers, new varietals, and new regions.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order this month, and your first shipment will be just $1. (That’s not a typo!)


Note: For alcohol-related legal reasons, please note that a minimum of three month’s membership is required for this special offer. (Memberships that are canceled early will be billed at the regular rate.) Shipping and handling is not included. Shipping and handling is $19.99 to the 43 states we ship to. For Portland-area members who pick up their wine at our monthly complimentary wine tasting events, handling is $5.


Meet some of our winemakers

About your membership

You’re going to love this! Most 1859 Wine Club members sign up for two bottles every month—either two reds, two whites, or one of each (your choice). Prices for two bottles range from $45 to $55 per month.

Or splurge and get four bottles every month! Too much? Sign up for a seasonal selection—just four bottles every three months. (One-time and short-term gift memberships are also available.)

A wine adventure, delivered right to your door!


Your membership also includes

• Detailed tasting notes and stories of the people behind the wines

• The latest trends in Oregon viticulture

• Access to Oregon wines and winemakers

• Oregon wine culture delivered to your front door

• Members Only exclusive tasting events

The 1859 Wine Club, curated by Cellar 503, makes it easy to discover great Oregon wines. Each shipment will be themed around a region, a season, comparing styles of wine, or a part of Oregon wine culture.

Ready? Let’s start exploring Oregon wines!

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